On Monday the 14th of October 2019 10am-6pm in Dortmund!

Dancersconnect has grown very fast.
During the upcoming months, we want to consult with partners and create stable structures for the future.


dancersconnect's 4th conference | 14th of October 2019 | Dortmund

Have a look at the program of dancersconnect's 4th conference!

This year we are presenting the Open Call Edition, inviting ALL professionals to take part in the most important meeting for dancers in Germany. An event organised BY DANCERS, FOR DANCERS, a place for meeting old friends and making new connections. A platform to take action towards more fair and supportive working structures. Your expertise is essential!

Every year dancersconnect aims to create a space where you can contribute your own ideas and experiences whilst also gaining further knowledge. - Let’s open up our perspectives to see beyond ourselves as individuals passionate about making art, to look at our industry's bigger picture.

This year will include…

  • Talks and participation of several experts in dance related fields such as dance medicine, dance psychology, confidence coaching, stage law and career transition.
  • Open spaces where you will have the opportunity to share your own experiences, discuss problems and receive support.
  • Working groups where we will strategize how conditions and structures can be made better for dancers, in order to secure the future of our artform and the quality of our art production.
  • The opportunity to learn more about dancersconnect. What have we already achieved? What are our goals as an organization? Why is it important for us to take political action? How can you help and become an active member of our community?
  • The option to attend a cultural political discussion with guests and to see dancersconnect in action.

All our conferences

The conferences of dancersconnect contribute to the regular exchange between the ensembles. Furthermore, they impart basic knowledge about employment, contractual structures, decision making in politics and general communication skills. At the first two conferences, the participating dancers also met representatives of the Federal German Ballet and Dance Theater Directorate, the involved unions, the German Stage Association, dance journalism and 'Tanzmedizin Deutschland'.

Please read the summaries here:

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1st conference - June 6th, 2017