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7th conference 2022 - reshaping!

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Taking place on the 24th of October 2022 in EinTanzHaus, Mannheim, we will finally meet once more in person to connect, create awareness and share. Turning our focus on reshaping the profession, our goal is to promote education and encourage artists to actively participate in all aspects of their art form. On this day, we will be concentrating on diversity and health.

For diversity, we will focus on finding more inclusivity and awareness within the working field and also within ourselves. We recognize that there are issues that have a great impact on artists’ personal safety and that art can’t keep feeding on ideas of inequality. 

For health, we are looking at the importance of injury prevention and how a good health support system is a basic need for professional dancers. With dance being a physically demanding art form and our body our most important tool, maintenance and care should be crucial for a long and fulfilling career. 

Reshaping will also bring us the opportunity to talk with political representatives about the recent changes in wages and the funding system. This will consist of a moderated round table discussion with different representatives and the audience will be able to share their opinions and questions. We believe that artists who are protected socially, financially and are safe from abuse can concentrate more wholly on their creative potentials. 

Don´t miss the chance to come together in a safe and open environment. Let us voice our challenges and our accomplishments. It is time to take initiative, envision and get active together!

Review: our annual conferences since 2017

6th conference 2021

5th conference | OUT & ABOUT goes online

Despite having to change our plans several times due to corona restrictions we are happy that in the end we could move online and connect with even more of you than we ever thought possible!!! We held 10 online meetings with 300 artists from over 30 companies, the contemporary free scene and the commercial freescene! 

We want to say a huge THANK YOU to all of you who participated, who took time to zoom in, listen, connect and share your experiences, concerns and questions with us. Also to the dancersconnect team who have learned from and supported each other though hours of online preparation and meetings. We have become so much stronger and closer thanks to this experience. 




4th conference | 14th of October 2019 | Dortmund

The 4th conference was a milestone for our network, a realisation of our growth and achievements but also as encouragement to push forward and further as we move into 2020!

On the 14th of October 2019 dancers from theaters, companies and the free scene across Germany and a few from our neighbours in Belgium travelled to Dortmund to be apart of almost 100 people who participated in this important day for the dance community. The Mayor of Dortmund opened the day's events and five special guests presented Open Space workshops in psychology, ensemble culture, dance medicine, sexual harassment and how to set standards within our artistic passion. The day was closed with a Panel discussion involving dancersconnect, active members of the cultural-political scene, the Bühnenverein and the directors association BBTK. Re-read the full program here...

Achievements of the day:

  • The new German Dance Board was successfully elected with seven members, some continuing in their positions and other fresh faces joining the team.
  • The unionization of dancers is at the forefront of our plans for creating change. Dancersconnect will continue to promote and campaign with the goal of achieving 50% of dancers in Germany unionized in the New Year!
  • We created our “health team” who will work to gather more information on dancers’ health and bring together different professionals in order to improve the health care situation across Germany. In cooperation with Dachverband Tanz Deutschland we held the first Round Table for Dance Medicine on December 2nd, 2019.
  • We developed the initiative to create an online sharing platform, where anyone would be able to upload documents and articles, creating a large pool of easily accessible information.



3rd Conference of ballet and dance ensemble speakers | October 22nd, 2018 | Berlin

Ideal utopian future for dance as an art form

More than 40 representatives from 25 state and city theatre ensembles started off the day by working together to share and formulate their ideal utopian future for dance as an art form. With the inspiration of this first task, the conference sought a forward-looking and solution-oriented style of thinking for their discussions.
Rivca Rubin acted as an expert on communication and encouraged the dancers to take new approaches to self-awareness and conversation. We were introduced to a form of positive language that helped us create more room for our dialogue partners to share ideas and suggestions with us. With all of this in mind, the participants adopted an 8-point plan of intention, which we intend to introduce into the cultural policy discourse in the coming months. Read the 8-point-plan and the protocols for the 3rd dancersconnect conference here...



2nd Conference of Ballet and Dance Ensemble Representatives | February 19th, 2018 | Berlin

Inauguration of the Federal German Dance Board

The focus of the 2nd conference was how dancers could find ways to be more independent in relation to their superiors and directors, as well as within the theater as a whole, and on the social and cultural-political level. Read the summary of the 2nd conference.




1st Conference of Ballet and Dance Ensemble Representatives | June 6th, 2017 | Berlin

Start of a Movement

For the first time, ensemble speakers and representatives are coming together to discuss shared issues and concerns far beyond the limits of each company. The participating dancers are starting to develop a common self-awareness. The main discussions are: working conditions, health care and prevention, and career transition. Read the summary of the 1st conference.