Why is it, that many of us only very rarely address problems with our directors and superiors?

Our dancers FAQ summarizes the issues that have come up repeatedly at dancersconnect conferences.

The dancer community is in great need of internal discussion and action towards improvement throughout all areas of our creative work environment - but how much do we actually know about the contractual and organizational structures behind our problems? And why is it, that many of us only very rarely address problems with our directors and superiors?

One of the biggest problems is our general ignorance in regards to the labour contract NV Bühne, including our employee rights and obligations - but above all the negative effect of our low self-assurance as dancers. The connection between our own professional performance every day and in return the employer's duty of care seems to be unknown. We stand in our own way as long as we do not put ourselves in a position to conduct a substantiated dialogue amongst each other and with our working superiors.

Our dancers FAQ summarizes the issues that have come up repeatedly at dancersconnect conferences.

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  • Professional Self-image

    Professional Self-image

    "Thank you for this incredible chance!" In the eyes of us as dancers, a job offer or being cast in a production is usually a gift and an opportunity for which we are deeply grateful. What many people often don't think about is how we earned that opportunity through dedication, willpower and hard physical work. A lack of self-confidence and feeling of security often makes us forget what an essential contribution we make to the bigger picture. We deserve, not only the opportunities on-stage and the applause of the audience, but we also have a legally and collectively agreed entitlement to decent employment. This includes a fulfilling and healthy career during which we are allowed, as employees, to have a voice in the discussion of many matters.

    Dance as a professional field has undergone a huge transformation in the last 25 years, the standard of companies overall has risen significantly, also decreasing the differences in quality between smaller and larger ensembles. Dancers from all over the world know about the internationally unique diversity and density of professional companies and independent projects available in Germany. As a result of this, since the fall of the wall and globalization, competition in our job market has increased exponentially, meaning that more and more dancers are fighting for a decreasing number of jobs.

    These developments in our job market have created an increase in the pressure dancers face, however, there has been no profound or comprehensive change to the structures and self-conception of our industry. Short-term employment contracts, low pay, the inadequately regulated working conditions of our NV Bühne Solo contract, occasionally obsolete leadership or teaching methods and above all our love for our art form have placed many dancers in a position of financial and emotional dependency towards their superiors. This prevents them from taking responsibility for themselves as artists, employees and general members of society.

    Difficulties inherent to the dance profession are only being made worse by these structural problems: high physical performance demands, lack of an independent voice during daily rehearsals, mostly following orders, permanent feeling of being in a "test" situation, dealing with the social and cultural differences of living in another country as well as not having the normal support network of family and friends. But these issues are often not dealt with properly and dancers are not receiving sufficient compensation to help them overcome temporary or long-term problems mentally and physically.

    Translation by Amelia Seth / Theater Krefeld Mönchengladbach

  • Employment Contract

    Employment Contract

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  • Ensemble Speakers

    Ensemble Speakers

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  • Work Council

    Work Council

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  • Unions


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  • Dance Medicine

    Dance Medicine

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  • Career Transition

    Career Transition

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  • Tax Declaration

    Tax Declaration

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