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advocating for the future of dance
as an art form




Our Mission

Dancersconnect is a neutral and informal platform aimed at professional dancers in permanently employed ensembles as well as the independent dance scene in Germany, but open for all.

Our mission is to... 

  • create safe spaces for communication and discussion
  • to promote education and information sharing
  • to advocate for the dancers perspective and encourage artists to actively participate in all aspects of their art form and society 
  • to take action towards more fair and supportive working structures for artists 

Our action

​​​​​​To achieve our mission we are consistently engaging with the current dancer community through social media, surveys, workshops and meetings. Including the network’s major event- a yearly conference.

Our team also participates in partner meetings and conferences, maintaining a continuous dialogue with cultural and political partners active within the scene. 

Our goals

  • yearly dancersconnect conferences
  • tackle important topics including #metoo, abuse of power, increasing diversity, medical care, minimum wage, contracts and labor law
  • to break down segregation between different professional dance sectors
  • to broaden unionization