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Dancersconnect represents the interests of dancers working in ballet and dance ensembles in Germany. It provides a neutral and informal platform to promote internal discussion as well as help dancers to learn more about their current contractual situation and employee rights.

It is the aim that dancers in all ensembles become self-confident co-authors of their artistic work. Their working conditions should support this, enabling them to fully develop to their creative and physical potential in order to serve each ensemble’s artistic establishment.

Since 2017, ensemble speakers from over 39 companies have met at the conferences of dancersconnect in Berlin. These conferences take place at least once a year and are an important contribution to the networks regular exchange. The participants elect the Bundesdeutscher Tanzvorstand (Federal German Dance Board) as their joint representation every two years. The board exists to establish a continuous dialogue with all partners and associations involved, in order to achieve the network’s goals.

On the 2nd conference, the participants agreed on a statute for the structure of dancersconnect.


We dancers want to become self-confident co-authors of our artistic work. Our working conditions should support this, enabling us to fully develop to our creative and physical potential in order to serve our ensemble’s artistic establishment.


In this spirit, dancersconnect has the following goals:

  • yearly dancersconnect conferences
  • to establish the Bundesdeutscher Tanzvorstand (Federal German Dance Board) as a structure for the joint representation of the network
  • for to provide support through information
  • to strengthen the awareness of problems and stimulate knowledge and discussion within each ensemble
  • to bring experiences and knowledge of all companies together
  • to broaden unionization
  • to create a dialogue with the collective bargaining parties about a new labour contract "NV Bühne Tanz"
  • to create a dialogue about the need for greater support in career transition: financially and conceptually

We strive to achieve these goals by continuous dialogue with the Federal German Ballet and Dance Theater Directorate, the involved unions, the German Stage Association, as well as other associations including 'Tanzmedizin Deutschland', 'Stiftung Tanz' and 'Dachverband Tanz Deutschland'.

Bundesdeutscher Tanzvorstand (Federal German Dance Board)

Participants of dancersconnect conferences elect the Bundesdeutscher Tanzvorstand (Federal German Dance Board), that upon accepting this position will represent the interests of dancers working in German theaters.

The council consists of a maximum of seven members, that at the time of the election, should be official ensemble speakers of their company. They hold their mandate for two years. In order to guarantee continuity, they can keep their mandate, even if they are no longer ensemble speakers.

Dancing is much more than only a job for us. It is something more profound in every area of ​​our daily life. For most of us, it has always been present. It is important to us to preserve our art form for future generations and advance it in the spirit of the zeitgeist. For this, dancers want to take on more responsibility in the future.

As an elected representation, the Bundesdeutscher Tanzvorstand wants to participate in cultural-political discourse. We want to stand up for the art of dance in the name of dancers on German stages.

However, leaders and teachers also play a part in allowing this. We do not want to express any destructive criticism and certainly do not want to be insatiable. We rather want to be considered as essential partners to communicate with. It should be in everybody’s interest to involve us in shaping the condition under which we make dance. However, the current debate in the international press clearly shows that there is still a long way ahead of us. Despotic manners in the dance world and sometimes abuse of dancers indicate that power within the hierarchy unfortunately gets exploited sometimes. In order to prevent this and to build on many progressive developments, we would like to speak with all partners and associations involved.