Besides financial support, dancersconnect needs support in communication, gathering information, editing, translation and organizing conferences. Offers are well appreciated. Please contact the Bundesdeutscher Tanzvorstand


Dachverband Tanz Deutschland supports dancersconnect.
Donations for the work of the initiative
can be transferred to:

recipient | Dachverband Tanz Deutschland

IBAN | DE72 4306 0967 1170 8258 00


subject | dancersconnect

The Dachverband can issue donation certificates. The donations exclusivly benefit the work of dancersconnect.

Special thanks goes to:

_Dachverband Tanz Deutschland for supporting the conferences and programming our online appearance

_Alexandra Inculet (Ballett am Rhein) for her English translations

_Amelia Seth (Theater Krefeld Mönchengladbach) for her English translations

_Milan Kampfer (Tanztheater Wuppertral) for creating our logo and contributing visual concepts

_Ida Zenna (dance & theatre photographer) for her photos

_Martin Chaix (freelance choreographer) for his photos

_Paulio Sovari (Staatballett Berlin) for his photos