How you can support us...

Dachverband Tanz Deutschland supports dancersconnect.
Donations for the work of the initiative
can be transferred to:

recipient | Dachverband Tanz Deutschland

IBAN | DE72 4306 0967 1170 8258 00


subject | dancersconnect

The Dachverband can issue donation certificates. The donations exclusively benefit the work of dancersconnect.


Special thanks goes to:

_Dachverband Tanz Deutschland for supporting the conferences and programming our online appearance

_Alexandra Inculet (Ballett am Rhein) for her English translations

_Amelia Seth (Theater Krefeld Mönchengladbach) for her editorial work, social media and English translations

_Milan Kampfer (Tanztheater Wuppertral) for creating our logo and contributing visual concepts

_Ida Zenna (dance & theatre photographer) for her photos

_Martin Chaix (freelance choreographer) for his photos

_Paulio Sovari (Staatballett Berlin) for his photos